How To Whip Cream Without a Whisk

There’s nothing worse than getting home having bought some wonderful ingredients but then not having the tools to make the recipe!

In our ongoing series of hacks, you’ll discover ways to do things with alternative tools, meaning you don’t lose out AND you learn something new in the process.
Our question today is… How to whip cream with no whisk? Follow our easy method and you’ll be surprised with the results!

For Double Cream Only:

– Firstly, pour cream into a clean tupperware container with a tight seal.
-Make sure the lid is on securely then SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE!
– Shake vigorously for approximately 5 minutes until you can’t feel the liquid moving around. This indicates that the cream has thickened.
– Open carefully then scrape cream into a bowl using a silicone scraper tool.
– Beat with a fork for a remaining 5 minutes until cream is fully thickened (to test, scoop up some cream on the fork, and tip upside down. The cream is ready when it holds it shape on the fork.)

We hope this helps at some point in the future hackers!

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