Is Cinnamon Healthy?

As a nation we need to reduce the amount of processed and unhealthy foods that we are consuming. Cinnamon is a little treasure that can help with this…

1. Cinnamon is a well-known anti-oxidant and evidence suggests it can reduce the risk of heart disease.

is cinnamon healthy.jpg

2. It is a natural sweetener without the health repercussions of sugar. Research suggests that it can reduce blood sugar and combat diabetes. Perfect for sprinkling on coffee, hot chocolate, cereal and popcorn!

is cinnamon healthy 2

3. It can be used as a natural food preservative. A recent study found that cinnamon leaf is a good way to stop fruit oxidising and browning, keeping it fresher for longer. No more brown apple!

is cinnamon healthy 3

4. It can help fight bad breath. Bye bye peppermint, hello cinnamony freshness.

is cinnamon healthy 4

5. It forms the base of pumpkin spice and cinnamon buns… need we say more?

is cinnamon healthy 5

Enough said.

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