The Best Way to Defrost Steak

The lion is the King of the Jungle…not man…and some of us just don’t have the bloodlust of a predatory carnivore. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to be sinking our canines into a big juicy steak. Here’s the first part of our juicy steak guide to get you going:

To thaw a steak quickly…

Lie a single steak on flat on a plate (no ridges or curves please).

Fill a flat-bottomed glass bowl/metal pan with ROOM TEMPERATURE water. It must be room temp – too hot and you will cook the meat, too cold and it just won’t work.

Place the bowl/pan that is filled with the water on top of the meat and wait 10 minutes.

The weight of the bowl/pan will stretch the strands of the meat, while the water regulates its temperature, meaning that a steak can be thawed quicker without using any of kind of defrosting programmes!

We tried this a couple of times at Hacker HQ and it worked…to an extent. But, as with all hacks, the success is in the detail… so give it a go and let us know. Make sure you check out part two in our steak guide to make sure it is extra juicy.


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