The Best Way to Prepare a Steak

Ok, we promised you a second part so here’s how science can give you the most tender steak you have ever grazed on.

We bang on about preparation in cooking, so if you can wait an hour for your sirloin try this:

Salt the meat (big sea salt flakes work best) – when we say ‘salt’ we literally mean get a some salt and sprinkle it over the steak so it is completely covered. Don’t worry, the salt is just going to sit on the surface for an hour, it won’t flavour the meat itself.

Now salt does two things – it draws excess moisture out of the meat (you will literally see a puddle starting to form) and it relaxes tangled protein strands allowing them to trap all the flavoursome juices that make a steak the king of foods.

After an hour, rinse off the salt and pat the steak dry…real dry (you don’t want all that work to go to waste) before cooking. It’s time to cook your steak… now go forth and sear in step three.



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