5 Uplifting Foods to Combat January Blues

Yoghurt contains an essential amino acid which helps produce serotonin (‘the feel good chemical’). Adding to this, natural yoghurt which contains live cultures will help reduce that post-xmas bloated feeling!

Jan blues

Oats have a low GI and help release energy slowly into the blood stream, decreasing that back-to-work afternoon slump.

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These bad boys are a powerful antioxidant and also help you sleep due to the fact they naturally contain melatonin, a chemical which supports body regeneration.

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Herbal Teas
As well as being a great way to hydrate, herbal teas can often have medicinal properties if drunk over a period of time. For example nettle tea is great if you are feeling run down, peppermint tea is good if you are feeling sick and ginger tea stimulates circulation.

Jan blues 4

Red Wine
When consumed in small amounts, red wine has high levels of antioxidant’s and can improve brain function…

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Do you know any foods that make you feel better? Drop us a comment below!


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