The Shoppers Guide To Cooking for One

So whether you are stingy student, a single pringle or simply living in a house where you don’t share food shopping it can be frustrating knowing what to buy and what you can get for your money!

There are a few tips that can get you through the week with less wastage, reduced costs and an easier life…

1. Buy your staple ingredients own brand.

Availability of Supermarket own brand products have been on the rise! Chopped tomatoes, spices, cereals, bread, fruit juice etc. all have own brand options. These products are often made in the same factories and using the same ingredients as our favourite brands so don’t be fooled by the bright coloured packaging. You’ll be surprised by the money you save!

2. Make Breakfast for dinner.

Some of our biggest downfalls as a lone cooks are that there is often too much dinner left over, and you don’t always want the same dinner several days in a row. Try switching it up and cooking breakfast for dinner… Breakfast ingredients often have a longer shelf life and recipes tend to be aimed around convenience.

3. Take advantage of the online delivery discounts.

If you don’t mind planning ahead then it might be an idea to take advantage of some of the ‘first time shopper’ online delivery discounts. For example, Ocado offer £20 off your first shop over £80 which means you could spread the cost of your shopping over a few weeks, only stocking up the fresh when necessary. Here’s a couple to get you started, but keep checking because these deals are available all year round…

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