20 minute Melt-in-your-mouth Chicken

Some pesky hackers tasked us with producing a 20 minute dinner. Truth being, it’s hard work but do-able!

So if you are too busy to cook or simply can’t be bothered, then here is a super quick recipe where minimal effort is needed…

Easy Chicken and Rice

All you need is:
1 packet of mini chicken breast fillets
1 tbsp of chicken seasoning (or dry seasoning of choice)
200ml chopped tomatoes with chilli

Boil in the bag rice
Chicken/Vegetable stock cube
2 tbsp frozen Sweet corn


Place rice in saucepan, according to pack instructions,  then crumble a stock cube in the water and stir. Put on a high heat for 15 minutes (or according to pack) and add sweetcorn 10 minutes into cooking.

Meanwhile, Lay out foil over baking tray, and position chicken fillets evenly across the tray.

Sprinkle over seasoning, then top with chopped tomatoes.

Cover the chicken fillets in another layer of foil, leaving a approximately 2cm of space above the chicken (to allow air circulation).

Place in the oven on 190°C for 15-18 minutes, ensuring it is piping hot before eating.

Drain rice and serve with chicken and a splash of natural yoghurt!

The result? A delectable and tender dinner in a very short space of time.

Let us know what you think.

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