5 Foods you Can Freeze

1. Avocado
Just half, remove the stone, wrap, then freeze.5 foods you can freeze

2. Cheese
Grate/Slice the cheese and place it in an airtight bag or container. Warning  it may be more crumbly than usual when removed from the freezer.5 foods you can freeze 2

3. Onion
Chop, wrap, freeze, then cook from frozen when required!5 foods you can freeze 3

4. Eggs
Separate the yolks and whites, then place into ice cube trays with a pinch of salt (if planning to use for savoury dishes) or sugar (if planning to use for sweet dishes). Thaw in the fridge overnight before required then use straight away.5 foods you can freeze 4

5. Olive Oil
Freezing olive oil is a great way to portion the right amount up for each dish and will stop it going rancid if left in the cupboard too long. Just pour oil in ice cube trays to get the same amount every time! Add herbs if and use straight from frozen in the pan.
5 foods you can freeze 5

Just a few ways to stop wasting those repeat offenders! If you want more information on other ways to reduce household waste, then have a look at Olio – a food sharing app designed to reduce waste and enjoy freebies from your local community.


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