The Struggles of Working away

So if you are anything like us at Kitchen Hacker you will find that a structure and routine is hard to find in the day to day working life.

But this doesn’t have to be the case! For those who are out in the field or constantly moving around for work, it can be difficult to maintain a lifestyle where you feel healthy, energised and motivated.

Here’s our top tips on eating and staying energised while working away…

1. Protein for breakfast – Trust me we have trialled all the breakfast options you can possibly think of; from a full cooked breakfast to fruit and cereals. What we found was that having a protein based breakfast with foods such as eggs, cold meats and cheeses really keep you full and energised up until lunch time. So if you have an early start and a long day ahead try some boiled eggs in the morning.

Working Away

2. A little bit of exercise in the morning goes a long way – You’ve heard it before so we don’t need to tell you but we’re going to anyway. EXERCISE WORKS WONDERS. DO IT. Even if it is just a little 20 minute walk in the morning! We guarantee it will set your mood right for the day ahead as well as making you feel sharper.

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3. No sugar before 3pm – Avoid those afternoon slumps by trying to avoid high sugar foods before 3pm. This is especially applicable to refined sugary foods such as chocolate, bread, pasta, cookies, muffins and fizzy drinks. Avoiding these foods will mean you can push through to the end of your day without feeling like a zombie. We know it’s harder to make better choices on the road, but there are so many convenience options to choose from now that there’s no excuse.

Working Away 3

4. Heavier Breakfast > Lighter Dinner – Did you know that having a lighter dinner can make you sleep better and also wake up more easily in the morning? If you’re not a morning person it can work wonders for you – also meaning that if you’re working away it doesn’t feel like such a chore waking up extra early.

Working away 4

Most importantly, remember that if you’re working away often – it is still work! Get out of holiday mode and into some good habits.

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