Egg-cellent Hacks!

Eggs can be a little bit of a mystery to many people and often there can be a few hiccups when using them during cooking. Fear not! Kitchen Hacker have compiled 5 key tips to help you out:

1. Crack eggs on a flat surface to stop the shell splintering. Don’t be tempted by the side of the pan or bowl, avoid any shell dropping into your mix by using a flat surface to break your eggs.Separating Eggs.jpg

2. Use a plastic bottle to separate yolks from whites. If you’re feeling a little shaky on separating eggs, this will work a treat for you.shutterstock_116393983

3. To remove some egg shell from a mix, wet your finger and the shell will stick to it. EGGS1

4. Check if eggs are boiled by spinning them – hard boiled eggs won’t spin!Working Away

5. The general rule is good eggs sink in a bowl of water and bad eggs float. So if you’re not sure about the date, use this method to check.Bad Egg

If you have any tips of your own let us know by dropping us a comment below!


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