How To Use An Induction Hob

In the midst of renovating your kitchens it is often that many people purchase appliances that fit in with the budget but forget to consider how easy they are to use long term. A question I am asked often is… how do I use my induction hob? Here’s some answers to clear up any confusion!

How does an induction hob work?

Induction hobs work through electromagnetism – in short, there is an electronically controlled piece of metal in your hob that allows it (when turned on) to connect directly to the pan you place on it.

Common problems

Poor Results/Not Working:

The likely cause of poor results from your induction hob are usually pan related and don’t have anything to do with your shiny new appliance! Pans must  be ‘induction friendly’ and you can test this by using a magnet and seeing if it attracts to the bottom of the pan. A pan that will not work well on your hob if it does not have a strong connection with the magnet.

Any pans that have ridges or are not smooth at the bottom will not connect very well to the magnets in the hob so make sure any new pans you purchase are super smooth.

The hob gets too hot and burns everything:

The technology in induction hobs mean that it is very effective in the way it works. You must readjust slightly what you understand about cooking, like a fan oven an induction hob produces a very even and consistent heat compared to gas or electric (which can often fluctuate in temperature). This means that lower temperatures all round will work better, don’t go straight for the top temperatures – start low and work your way up.

The hob isn’t getting hot:

An important thing to note is that the hob will not heat up on its own, it will only heat up when the pan is connected to it. There is no point turning it on without a pan as it simply won’t work. If you already have the pan on it, it may be that it isn’t covering enough of the cooking zone or it is not an induction compatible pan.

The best thing I have come across for anyone that has switched to an induction hob but doesn’t want to swap their lovely pans at home are induction pan adapters! VonShef does a great adapter.

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