How To Reduce Food Waste In The Kitchen

I recently read an article about someone who has no waste within their home and felt inspired. The amount of food that is thrown away each day is unreal.

Did you know:
A study revealed that the UK throws away 22 million tonnes of food every year!

It is also estimated that on average £300 of household income is spent on food that will then go and waste. What’s wrong with us?!

Anyway here’s some anti-waste solutions to get you started…

Sprouty Potatoes reducing food waste 1If they have any trace of the colour green either on the inside or outside then please AVOID and do not eat! However if your potatoes just look like they need a shave then simply cut off the sprouty bits and cook as advised. Even if you boiled then mashed the potatoes and didn’t fancy eating them, just pop into some freezer safe containers and keep in the freezer until you need a side with dinner.

MilkReducing food waste 3 Ok this one might sound weird but trust me! If you only tend to use milk for making tea and find it goes off quickly then this might be a cost saving solution for you. Pour any milk (that is likely to be wasted) into some small ice cube moulds, allow to freeze then every time you need a cup of tea just pop one cube into your boiling hot cuppa. Not only it will help your tea cool down a little quicker, it will melt instantly and is a great solution if you’re coming back from a holiday and need emergency milk!

Yoghurt and Fresh Fruit Reducing food waste 2
If you tend to buy a little too much of the stuff it might be a good idea investing in some ice lolly moulds. If any fruit or yoghurt is about to go off then puree the fruit, mix together with  yoghurt and pour into moulds. Freeze and use whenever you fancy a refreshing snack!

Fresh Meat and PoultryReducing food waste 4.jpgThe go-to solution for this would be to wrap up any raw meat securely and put it in the freezer. What might be a good idea if you have the time is to make your own ‘ready meals’ with leftover meat among other ingredients. If you  cook the meat it is also fine to freeze, just make sure you reheat until it is piping hot in the middle.

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