Boozy Hacks Perfect For The Weekend

Oh November.

What have you done to us?

Compared to last year alcohol sales are up by 5% as the British public prepare themselves for a boozy Christmas. Here at Kitchen Hacker, we want to make sure optimal boozing is taking place so here’s some top hacks for those cosy winter tipples that are fast approaching.

1. Super-cool wine
Just bought a bottle of wine and need to cool it down quickly? Make sure you keep a stock of grapes in the freezer. A few frozen grapes at the bottom of your glass will cool your wine to a refreshing temperature without watering it down as ice cubes would.

Boozy Hacks - Grapes in Wine to cool it down

2.  Boozy Hot Chocolate
Give your late night hot chocolate a boozy twist by adding a tablespoon (or two) of rum to your usual recipe and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. It’s almost as good as what you buy at the local German Market…

Boozy Hacks - Rum Hot Chocolate

3. Red wine flavour cubes 
Got a bottle of red wine about to go off? Freeze the rest in ice cube trays and use as a cooking aid to help flavour your famous spag bol or casserole.

Jan Blues 5

4. Flat beer to perfect a roast chicken 
Use any half cans/bottles of flat beer to add some oomph to a roast chicken at Sunday lunch. All you need to do is pour any leftover beer into the  roasting pan and let the magic happen. Not only will it keep the meat nice and juicy, but also give it a real hearty flavour that works nicely with a roast!

Boozy Hacks - Flat Beer for Chicken Roast

If you have any alcohol related hacks – we want to know about them. Drop us your own boozy hack below.


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