About The Author

Kitchen Hacker is aimed to inspire people to be more efficient in their ways and the author Amie is an advocate for this way of living. Having struggled with the daily gripes of a busy routine, the blog started as a creative out for Amie to express her thoughts on getting by day-to-day.

Amie found her passion for food started from a young age and consequently studied a ‘Food and Consumer Management’ degree to extend her knowledge and experience. Currently, Amie is a  food and events freelancer, previously working for a number of big brands such as Bosch, Neff, Siemens, BBC, Now TV, Vodafone and Natwest. Her main roles have been in food/product demonstrations and food prep however she also has experience in brand ambassadorship and events supervising.

If you are looking for any support for an event you are running, please contact Amie using the form below.

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